Driveways are designed and built to suit the style and layout of the building that they are connecting to. Building a Driveway Gate provides security, privacy and renders a stylish look for the driveway and the enclosed structure. Driveway Gates serve as a perfect security solution for your home.

Benefits of Electric Gates

Electric gates are fast replacing traditional, manual gates. They provide homeowners with a lot of benefits, such as an increased level of security, enhanced safety, better convenience, and added value, and will always impress any visitor visiting your house.

Making your driveway gate operate automatically is our specialty. And integral to the design of an automated gate system is the selection of the right automation equipment to suit your specific needs, budget, and style.

To ensure that we keep in step with technology and the latest industry trends, we work hand-in-hand with leading manufacturers, including FAAC, Doorking, BFT, SEA, Linear, HySecurity, and many others.

Automatic Entry Gates

Our expertise covers everything from above-ground electromechanical gate operators to underground hydraulics to commercial barrier arms and slide gates. We design, install, maintain and repair gate systems that feature in-ground magnetic sensors to trigger the gate as your vehicle approaches, as well as those designed to be triggered by remote control transmitters, keypads or EZ-Pass-style RFID readers.